Development & Optimization

Small improvements give big results

We specialize in developing and optimizing products and details in casted products. For many years, we have helped our customers reduce production costs, optimize weight and increase strength. Your product is probably already good, but when we add our expertise and optimize the manufacturing process, it becomes even better. Among other things, we have helped customers to convert their products – from welded parts to casted solutions – with fantastic results. Contact us and we will tell you more.

From good to fantastic
Almost anyone can make a product good. Making it fantastic requires knowledge, experience and equipment. We have experience from the complete chain from development, optimization and production of pattern equipment. Together, we are a fully-fledged team that takes our customers’ products very seriously and wants to make them fantastic.

We make the difficult easy
With us at Härenviks, we have a multifunctional technology team with a genuine interest in getting to know your product – and your business. By optimizing the design and production of your product, we reduce costs and increase quality at the same time.

We can help you with:

The whole chain – from idea to finished product
Casting development and optimization
Optimization of material selection, casting or machining