A material with many possibilities

We are proud of our knowledge in the process of castings and all its properties. Thanks to our expertise, we can guide you as a customer in the complex world of different material qualities, molding techniques, opportunities and limitations around castings. Everything to make your product as good as possible.

From idea to product
Our knowledge covers the entire chain from design optimized for casting, the process of the foundry, the machining and to your complete end product.

Our primary focus is grey and ductile iron, but we have deep knowledge in a wide range of different casted materials. We have an established network of suppliers of castings in Sweden and throughout Europe. We have long-term relationships that guarantee high-quality casting process.

Sustainable sustainability
There are significant environmental benefits of casted products as they mostly consist of recycled material. Manufacturing in castings is a step in choosing a more climate-smart material – we save on the earth’s resources.

For many of our customers, we act as an entrance to new contacts and opportunities when it comes to castings. We simply take your ideas to another dimension by being a solid company.

We can help you with:

Design and optimizations in casting
Castings from established network in Scandinavia and Europe
Unique foundry industry knowledge